Night Shift 2015: Placehacking Festival in Downtown Kitchener

Installation created by Agnes Niewiadomski and Jen van Overbeeke


For this year's Night Shift Installation, Jen and I decided to run another paper based activity that got people making stuff and having a good time. Since the paper masks were a hit at Steel Rails, and the event was taking place on Halloween, it made perfect sense to do another DIY mask craft. We designed our own monster features and pre-cut hundreds of shapes with the trusty Silhouette machine.

To give people a chance to show off their paper creations, we also built this haunted gallery wall photo backdrop for attendees to pose in wearing their finished masks. The backdrop was made using laser cut cardboard frames, haunted silhouettes were made from card stock cut on the Silhouette, and old encyclopedia pages wallpapered the cardboard wall, which was supported by some 2x2 wood framing.

The entire collection of these portraits taken on Oct 31, 2015 can be found here.