The Joan Euler Order of The Creative Minds Award

This is a collaborative sculpture I created with two other artists, Bernie Rohde and Meg Leslie. It was commissioned by THEMUSEUM in honor of the Joan Euler Order of The Creative Minds Award. Here is a little explanation of the project pulled right from our proposal: 

M. It's alive. Electric!

Our idea: It's got a pulse...and veins of twisted wires, contorted and encompassing the core, LEDs enhanced with mosaic decoration as a tribute to creative collaboration.

Our team (3 artists seamlessly melding 3 components):

  • a finely crafted wooden container
  • mosaic mirror and bejeweling
  • an inner symphony of circuit sculpture

Our process: One artist begins by crafting the container. Once complete, the container will be passed (like a hot potato) to the second artist to adorn it's inner anatomy with shiny bits and organic mosaic detailing...and then it is passed a final time to the third artist who brings it to life with an electronic circulatory system with a pulse of its own. It's the pulse of creativity. The heartbeat of a community!

The sculpture can still be seen on display at THEMUSEUM in downtown Kitchener, ON.

As the project progressed I took the time to document each step. Here is a behind the scenes look at the "Making of The M".