Props and set I produced for the 2012 fall production of Hairspray by Theatre Ancaster.

As Head of Props, I  needed to be backstage during every show, so I sometimes I did fun little "walk on" parts that didn't require singing or dancing, and did the least amount of real acting possible. This was a fun one to do, in the opening scene of the show, I got to hang out in the window of the tallest rolling tower that was actually pushed around on stage. That's the director's son hanging out with me, he was my props apprentice, and props model to show the scale of my giant phone prop.

Here are a few snapshots I managed to take before the set strike. There were a lot of other details I worked on but didn't get a chance to photograph. 

Can you believe those donuts are made from plastic bags, masking tape, hot glue, paint and sprinkles? The phone receiver and body is carved from expanded polystyrene and coated in latex paint. The phone cord was made by wrapping a small metal slinky in plastic split flex wire loom, then wrapping that in a layer of fabric hockey tape, and finally painting it to match. The process took awhile but I was really happy with the result.